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Soft Compress Komplettsets für die Selbstbandagierung
Wickeln des Oberschenkels mit der Soft Compress Bandagehilfe Soft Compress Komplettsets



SoftCompress LymphAid and BandageAid offer a complete solution for lymphological compression bandaging. Unlike conventional sets, they also include the innovative SoftCompress materials which can significantly improve treatment outcomes. LymphAid comes with a ready-to-use bandage and is therefore also suitable for self-bandaging. The more economical BandageAid contains SoftCompress Compression Rolls.

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SoftCompress LymphAid is equipped with a prefabricated bandage aid, making the set ideal for self-bandaging. Each set also includes short-stretch bandages, gauze bandages, and pressure pads and inserts.

SoftCompress Lymphaid Unterschenkel Komplettset

Lymphaid lower leg

Anleitungsvideo zum Anlegen der SoftCompress Bandagehilfe für den Unterschenkel
> application video

Lymphaid lower leg

SoftCompress LymphAid Komplettset für das Bein

Lymphaid leg

Anleitungsvideo für das Anlegen der SoftCompress Bandagehilfe am Bein
> application video

Lymphaid leg

SoftCompress Komplettset für den Arm und die Hand

Lymphaid arm and hand

Anleitungsvideo zum SoftCompress LymphAid – Anlegen der Bandagierung am Arm
> application video

Lymphaid arm and hand


SoftCompress BandageAid is the cost-efficient version with effective SoftCompress compression bandages, gauze bandages and short-stretch bandages. Each set also contains the appropriate pads for the extremity as well as inserts for the hollow of the knee or the crook of the elbow.

SoftCompress BandageAid Unterschenkel

Bandageaid lower leg

Anleitungsvideo für das Anlegen von SoftCompress BandageAid am Unterschenkel
> application video

Bandageaid lower leg

SoftCompress BandageAid Komplettset für das Bein

Bandageaid leg

Anleitungsvideo SoftCompress BandageAid für das gesamte Bein
> application video

Bandageaid leg

SoftCompress BandageAid Komplettset für Arm und Hand

Bandageaid arm and hand

Anleitungsvideo für die Verwendung von SoftCompress BandageAid am Arm und der Hand
> application video

Bandageaid arm and hand


Compressana Skin Care Derma Lotion

Derma Lotion

Moisturizing lotion with 4% urea for targeted skin care in lymphedema and lipedema.

Compressana Skincare Skin Protect

Skin Protect

Skin regeneration and acute care of stressed, sensitive areas of the skin, even in cases of venous disorders. The antimicrobial effect of silver reduces the risk of infection.

Compressana Skin Care Anti Juckreiz Spray


The acute care against itching.The active ingredient polidocanol soothes the skin and can prevent itching for several hours.

Compressana Clean Feinwaschmittel


Particularly mild and rich detergent concentrate for gentle cleaning of compression clothing and bandages.

Wäschenetz für Kompressionsbandagen und Kurzzugbinden


Protects your stockings and tights during machine wash quick and easy to fill by means of zipper.

Antibakterieller Wäschebeutel mit Silberstoff


With pure silver fabric (0% nano particles) to combat unpleasant smelling laundry, even at low temperatures.

Compressana Klebelotion für Strümpfe und Textilien


The skin-friendly, residue-free removable adhesive lotion gives stockings, supports and other textiles safe and permanent hold.After wearing the adhesive lotion is removable with water or with a moist cloth within seconds.

Lymphkissen für die Entstauungstherapie


The treatment of lymphatic oedema and serious injuries of the arm and hand is supported by an elevated resting position. Swelling is reduced or even prevented Improves back flow of the blood to the heart as well as the removal of the lymph fluid. The Lmphatic Cushion is a valuable treatment support, especially within the Complex Physical Decongestive Therapy (CPDT).